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    Which is more recommended, Whitefish 7 or Whitefish 4?

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    From the pictures I have seen, both are nice routes. I only have Whitefish4Hawk, because I wanted the ScaleRail upgrade. You can have both on your system at one time.
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    Preferrably Whitefish 6 - Whitefish 7 has a nasty signalling bug that makes it very difficult to create activities with lots of AI traffic

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    Yes WF6 is the one there is a signalling problem with WF7.I am sorry about that because it is a great route but if you cannot run activities with AI traffic then there is no point.

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    I have installed WF8 and have no problems except missing visible track at tow locations. One on the POVA and one on the UP between Athol and Sanspoint. Both are on berms. Did not have this in WF7. Run fine except no visible track. No errors. With this amount of content it may be necessary to be the only active route. Same problem exists in other high content routes. Frame rate are good.
    Really great scenery! Old activities run fine.

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    Good Morning:

    There is a zip file in the Whitefish8 folder that will fix the missing track and the spots where the road will disapear.

    Try it and see what happens


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    the zip file is corrupt

    is there any other way to get it?

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