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Thread: Reconstructing a Mess!

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    I've been working on a new route for the past year or so and am pretty far along. I was recently placing trees on a mountain and got a little carried away planting them by the thousands all over the mountain. I did remember the cardinal rule to save, save, save as you go, but suddenly, the screen blinked and all my work on the mountain, along with all the scenery for 2-3 tiles around this mountain disappeared!! The only things left are a bare mountain, and the track database, suspended over nothing! I suspected that I overloaded the computer in this one spot, since I go up and down the trackbed and find things normal with no damage done.

    My question is: how can I get back to this spot to relay the track? I started doing that, however, the program won't let me get back to that spot. I'm really close to putting this route up on Train-Sim and I would hate to have to start all over again!

    Paul Raynes

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    This sounds like a bad save on a world file. Navigate to the World folder and locate the offending world file. Hopefully you will see something like this:

    w-012377+014184.w 1kb
    w-012377+014184~w.bk 485kb

    If so, delete the 1kb world file; there's nothing recoverable there. Then rename w-012377+014184~w.bk to w-012377+014184.w. This will restore you to your last good save.

    If both files are at 1kb, you probably tried to save a second time (a no-no). In this case you will have bit the big one and need to resort to your backup.

    If this problem persists and is due to a really large world file, jump out into The Great White Void to save. The adjacent tiles in memory will unload, and you can get a good save. If you have to do this, you're probably living on the edge.

    I think this all comes down to the known poor memory management in MSTS. At any rate, XP SP2 helps a lot and probably the BIN patch will too.

    EDIT: Reading your post again, it appears that you were placing many individual tree shapes. If so, it would have been better to place a mix of forest items and individual trees...


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    Default RE: Reconstructing a Mess!

    You can cut way down on the work if you do the following;

    1. Use several forest regions types on top of each other to get that dense variety look on the hills and mid way from the track..
    2. Use individual detailed trees and tree clumps close to the track only.
    3. Use billboard trees where they will work to fill lower areas.

    This will get you the look you want without stuffing the tile.

    SRV Ron

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