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Thread: Chicago EL version 4 Problem

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    Default Chicago EL version 4 Problem


    I have installed CYKWORKS' Chicago Elevated Railways v4 (2003 library files)and have had trouble getting the route to start. It builds the Terrain Buffers, and starts the Simulation, but fails with an error message that "World initilization failed".

    This usually means the one thing I suspected when I checked the route file folders, it is missing the "EnvFiles" folder, so it doesn't know what climate to load.

    Is there anyone who has had this problem before and has the solution to which one of the 6 default(y) routes it is copied from???

    A letter to CYKWORKS has only produced the usual cyber-world software apathetic response "We don't support this route anymore, check forums for the answer"

    Thanks for whoever can shed light on this problem.


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    Default RE: Chicago EL version 4 Problem

    Hi Doug:

    Copy the ENVFILES folder from USA1.


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    Default RE: Chicago EL version 4 Problem


    Thanks for the reply. However, I hope I could use more of your knowledge to evaluate what is going on.

    I copied the USA1 file into the route and it still give me "Train World Initilization Failed".

    I tried the thought maybe it's a combination of EnvFiles, so I copied all the Env folders into the route, but still got the same error so that it stops loading.

    Is there an idea that I might be missing something else???


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    Default RE: Chicago EL version 4 Problem

    Same problem Doug.

    The files in the enviorment folder are referenced in the Routename.TRK file which is in the root folder of the route.
    You need to check the TRK file and make sure the references in there are pointing to the correct filenames in the enviorment folder. Here is a clip of the part of the trk file you need to check;

    Era ( 0 )
    SpeedLimit ( 55.88 )
    Environment (
    SpringClear ( sun.env )
    SpringRain ( rain.env )
    SpringSnow ( snow.env )
    SummerClear ( sun.env )
    SummerRain ( rain.env )
    SummerSnow ( snow.env )
    AutumnClear ( sun.env )
    AutumnRain ( rain.env )
    AutumnSnow ( snow.env )
    WinterClear ( sun.env )
    WinterRain ( rain.env )
    WinterSnow ( snow.env )
    TerrainErrorScale ( 1 )
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    Default RE: Chicago EL version 4 Problem

    I would think Route-Riter's Set Up New Env files function would be usable here?

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    Default RE: Chicago EL version 4 Problem


    During the week, I played around again with the route in what little spare time I had, and got to the same point in the TRK file, and realized this was also the problem.

    I checked all the Default(y) rout EnvFiles and found these textures came from the Tutorial Route folder since they matched the above listing.

    Making a copy of them into the Chicago El route folder finally gave results and the route runs fine!!!! Seems like you NEVER come out of the State Street Tunnel/Station complex!!!! (so why would you need EnvFiles!!)

    Thanks for the help


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