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Thread: Conrail INDY 2 Problem

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    Default Conrail INDY 2 Problem

    The route runs GREAT except.........................

    Ill be driving down the tracks until I get errors that have to do with certain ace files.. like some are missing or something like that? Never had this problem until recently.. I keep hitting enter until the 10-20 messages go away then 25 minutes later ill get some more errors.. It really makes it hard to run and have fun at the same time..

    If anyone has had this problem or if you know what to do. Help?


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    Default RE: Conrail INDY 2 Problem

    Run the route through route-riter to see if you have any missing files. This program will usually fix it or tell you what you need. Make sure that you have the latest version of x-tracks and new roads. If all else fails you may have to do a reinstall of the route.

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