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Thread: Adding Passenger Stations & Editing Siding Names

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    Default Adding Passenger Stations & Editing Siding Names

    I'm wanting to start tinkering with a couple of routes and I want to add passenger stations and/or edit siding names. The budget doesn't allow---and there's no reason---to buy the Vone book, since I'm not building anything.

    First thing I intend to do is hack passenger stations into the Conrail Indianpolis route, and give them their proper names in accordance with an NYC 1950s timetable I have, location approximate. Doing so will pose no threat to compatibility with existing activities, will it? I want to avoid making some one-off route that works with nothing but what I make.

    So, how does one place a station and make it "live" in the editor?

    Secondly, how do you edit siding names? I've been wanting to do that on various routes for a very long time.

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    Default RE: Adding Passenger Stations & Editing Siding Names

    Hi NW 611

    Platforms and sidings are interactive objects that can be placed, deleted or edited in the Route Editor. As far as compatibility goes: Changing a siding name to something else will not interfere with any given or future activity: The sim refers to the siding via its TrItemId number in the .rdb / .tit files, and displays whatever name a user has given the siding with that TrItemId number in those files

    However, if you add, remove or relocate a siding or platform where an AI or the player train is supposed to call, the sim will realise that the information converning the exact location of the siding/platform down along the path will no longer match the information about the siding's location it finds in the .tdb and .tit files. The result is that when opening that activity in the AE again, you will get prompted that the path in question is outdated and needs to be saved anew. The sim will then adjust the info in the .act, .pat, .srv and .trf files. That would of course limit the interchangeability of an activity adjusted for your personal copy of the route with any other user's copy.

    Now, about adding or editing a platform or siding:
    After firing up the RE, you'll find "platform" or "siding" either under "Track Objects", or under "Mainline Stations". Where you'll actually find it solely depends under which class these items have been listed in the .ref file of the route in question.

    To place a platform or siding, pick the appropriate item from the selection window, press F5, and move the white X onto the track where you want to place the platform or siding. Left click your mouse and you'll see
    - either a pair of green pyramids connected with a green line (platform)
    - or a pair of yellow pyramids connected with a yellow line (siding)
    appear on your track.

    To adjust the size / length of your interactive platform / siding, you can simply select either of the two pyramids and pull it to the desired location. Note that you cannot extend it across a red pole (track node) at a switch.

    To enter details such as names, loading times, waiting passenger numbers etc., select any of the pyramids and right-click your mouse. That will bring up the properties of the platform / siding.

    Note that you always should give unique and logical names to your sidings so that you and other users can easily find their way around. So a siding simply named "Loading" will not make much sense in later activity briefs where the user is told to drop cars numbers 0-11 to 0-33 in "Loading".

    Concerning platforms: The duration of the loading / unloading process is rather dependend on the number of passengers waiting at a platform than on the minimum waiting time you specify in the appropriate boxes (3 minutes by default seems a bit long for an intermediate passenger stop anyways).

    Lukas a.k.a Swissie

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