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Thread: Zipped Zip Files???

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    ok.. I downloaded the full Denver & Rio Grande Western Cumbres Pass Version 2.0 route... however... there is a file in there, named "CTSRRNG.z01" ok, duh, its obvieusly a zip file right? but I cant open a zip file after its been zipped in another file... I have a Zipped Zip file.. and it cant find anythign in it when I try to extract it.. I need someones help to tell me EXACTLY what I need to do... please help!!!! I am on my last sane brain cell!!

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    A pinned topic:
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    Scroll down to see "SPANNED ZIP FILES: How to install them without going crazy, click below:"
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    I am afraid this is another case of RTFM. The readme-readme says that after unzipping all seven files into a temporary folder you are to rename the .z00 file to .zip. Make sure that you have now the files, .z01 thru .z06 you can use WinZIP 8.1 or later, which is payware, or RouteRiter, which is freeware. I did the latter.


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