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Thread: Working with the newly relaeased MMA version 2.1

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    Default Working with the newly relaeased MMA version 2.1

    I've recently downloaded and installed the freeware Montreal Maine and Atlantic, version 2.1, AKA Farnham-St.Jean. The installation went cleanly, the route runs, and I'm getting decent frame rates.

    BUT (you knew there was a BUT coming, right?).....

    The game freezes (for about one minute) and then vanishes with no error message, not even "Call Bill." This has happened to me about one minute outside of the Montreal start point, and it has happened moving northwest from the CSX Montreal Sub approaching what appears to be a green lift span.

    Also, I'm finding no special motive power or rolling stock used by the route, only default, even though the route includes quite a few Trainset elements.

    Are there other activities available for this route, beyond the furnished Summer #1 through Summer #7 which have no real content, and no work order entries?

    This update version was supposed to cure some "shape symmetry" problems. Are there still some shape problems causing these crashes?

    L W

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    Default RE: Working with the newly relaeased MMA version 2.1

    This route does the same for me. The previous one was the same. I have also tried the RE to look at the problem areas, but I cant even get close in there.

    There is definitely something at the Montreal end in the vicinity of the station area that is causing this. It may also be the same shape at the other end of the route.

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    Default RE: Working with the newly relaeased MMA version 2.1

    Hi guys,

    Just as a side note (I didn't download the route as I've not seen any screenies making my mouth water so far):

    Crashes without error messages are often related to sound issues. Specifically, it could be related to a track sound region error. Sound regions is what makes your track / wheel sounds change when you cross from terra firma onto a girder bridge or dive into a tunnel. These sound regions are interactive objects, meaning they are linked with the .tdb / .tit of the route. Thus errors related to them can freeze the sim with a terminal effect.

    Try running the route through RouteRiter and also do an integrity check with TSUtils (see the specific tab within route riter).

    Lukas a.k.a Swissie

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