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Thread: F1 Transit NYC Subway V 2.0 - Missing folder 'IRT_R17_Silver'

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    Default F1 Transit NYC Subway V 2.0 - Missing folder 'IRT_R17_Silver'

    I am sure the Train Sim community can help me with this problem. I have install the above above amazing route (Thanks heaps Fred Barbieri! Never been to NY but you have helped me get a feel for railway network there), but when I load up Train Sim, the program tells me it can't find the following folder & files:

    1. Trains\Trainset\IRT_R17_Silver\IRT_R17BCC_S.eng


    2. Trains\Trainset\IRT_R17_Red|IRT_R17BCC_R.eng

    I have checked through everything I was instructed to do but alas, I can't locate the missing folders. Clearly the problem is with me and I would happy is someone could point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks


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    sorry to bump this thread but i have the same problem
    where can i download the R17 trainsets?

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    does anybody know the answer to this?
    thanks again

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    Default R 17

    If you go to the file library & use this file [Link Expired]
    in the search.
    in including the following:
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    This smile says it all

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    Hello. Can you help me by following results of Route Control:

    Iīm a little bit confused about the R15. The name of the Car-Folder is "irtr15r", but in the .eng-folder is written: Name ( " IRT_R15A_Red South Ferry" ).
    I have tryed to rename the folder, but it didnīt work.

    Also, what have I generally to do with the files from the "Minor textural updates for R17Red and R17silver"-Folder ??

    I have downloaded the "" (R17) but I think thatīs not the right car to solve this problem with the missing R17.

    Can anybody tell me what I have to do step by step ?

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Carsten (Berlin, Germany)
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    "Consists with missing trains" means you have consists in your consist folder with engines or waggons that are not in your trainset folder (or their locations differ from the foldername in the consist).

    The first four missing consists are caused by "missing locomotives".

    The fifth consist acelahhp-8stndrd.con is part of the original MSTS from 2001. If something is missing then something is wrong with your MSTS original installation.

    Then the "Missing locomotives": You have the green ones but the foldernames are wrong in the *.con files. You can fix this by opening the consists in ConBuilder and save them with the right foldernames. Or (the way I would do it). Open the *.con files in Wordpad and change the folder names. They are in the right column.

    When you have done this you also have fixed the red lrt_r17bcc_r.eng.

    Apparently you don't have lrt_r17bcc_s.eng. It is in You can download it here.

    In the above I have assumed the errors are in the consists. However, they could be in the activities to. I think you should try to fix the consists first. Then run Rout Control. If there still are errors then you have to fix the loose consists in the activities. Use ConBuilder or open them in Wordpad. Search (Ctrl-B) for the engine names and change the folder names in the right column.



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    Hello renem

    Thanks for your fast answer. Maybe, my question sounds a little bit like a MSTS-Beginner.
    No, no, I surely know what the report means in Route control
    That the Acela is missing, thatīs correct. I deleted this train.

    My question was more special about the subway cars for the F1 - V2

    The instructions in the Readme-File are not so really correct as they should be
    The original folder of the R15 car is called "irtr15r". But the .eng is searching for a folder "irt_r15_red". So I had copy the original folder and renamed the copy. Now there are no errors anymore.

    The same problems are now with the R17-Car. Route control is sending me most of the same errors like R15.

    Hm... I think I have to spend a little bit of time to solve this problem too.

    Carsten (Germany)

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