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Thread: Problems on the Route Editor

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    Default Problems on the Route Editor

    I'm a recent Italian fan and I was working on my first route but I had problems using road pieces because I received a message for most road pieces telling me that I didn't have extended shape information for those pieces, so I thought that it would be useful to reinstall MSTS because maybe that information might have been lost with the changes made by some downloads. So I reinstalled it and I didn't solve my problems; instead I find some more difficulties because some track pieces appear transparent as if they were permanently in wireframe (A1tBuffer.s, A1t5_5mStr.s, A1tPnt6dBLft.s, A1tPntdBRgt.s and probably others I still didn't find). I reinstalled xtracks and ytracks but things didn't change. Could you help me to solve these two problems? Thank you. Nando1948

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    Default RE: Problems on the Route Editor

    Hi Nando,

    1. About the missing road sections: MSTS default has only a few roads available, most sections come from add-ons like

    The RE displays all track and road section that your current global/tsection.dat file lists, regardless whether you actually have the shape and shape definition files installed or not. As the global/tsection.dat is a standardised file with entries for almost all major track and road add-on packs, the list becomes very long. You can use RouteRiter's -> Make tsection.dat command to reduce the list to just the shapes you actually have installed (the full list is saved as a back-up under the name master_tsection.dat, so you can revert anytime).

    2. About the "permanent wireframe" I have no other clue than asking you whether you do have the proper textures for those shapes in the route's textures folder, or whether you maybe have inadvertedly replaced those textures with some transparent .ace file?

    Hope it helps,

    Lukas a.k.a Swissie

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