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    I don't know why I'm doing this, since new train simulators will be out before I complete this task, but I've started to build a route. I guess I just don't have enough aggravation in my life...

    I have a question about vegetation models that are available now or have been available in the past. Are there any shape files that actually look 3D real close up? The standard X and * configurations currently in the file library look great from a distance, but up close, and while running trains in the route, the wings of many of these trees show dramatically and just don't look so great. Has anyone made tree and weed shapes that are more 3D and not based upon the X or the *? Is this even possible without overloading computers trying to draw these more 3D shapes?

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    Hello Michael,
    Keep on building :) We don't know for sure when the new Microsoft Train Simulator will be available. As for the vegetation, to the best of my knowledge, the "X" and star design are the best you are going to get with this version of Train Simulator. If you have any other questions about building your route, you will probably get a better response if you post those questions in the Route Design Forum.

    Take care,
    Rich S.

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    Also Since it is here, if you build high polygon vegetation line best to use gmax and make the models with LOD's (level of detail)
    Jason Webb
    HyRail Simulations

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    Try this UKTS page for some Woodland and Field vegetation


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