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Thread: Wupper Express 8 & 9

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    Default Wupper Express 8 & 9

    Is Wupper Express 9 a upgrade to Wupper Express 8?
    Which is the better of the two.

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    Default RE: Wupper Express 8 & 9


    Does it matter? Why not just get the latest version, which is the best?


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    Default RE: Wupper Express 8 & 9

    Have a look at this thread [Link Expired]

    Wupper 10 is the latest version, with version 11 coming soon.


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    Default RE: Wupper Express 8 & 9

    Personally, I could not get a good install of the rolling stock necessary for the WE-10 route. Unless you have a lot of tinkering skill in MSTS, I don't recommend this route. I have a sneaking suspicion that it requires BIN to operate properly as some of the default .eng files, notably those with the Acela are overwritten, and I notice some other .eng files with a _rot in the name.

    If you decide to proceed, however, make a hard backup of your TRAINS directory and all of it's sub-directories. Mine has grown to about 1.2G, so I keep it backed up on a DVD as well as removable USB-2 drive. After installing the rollingstock, I got a persistent error of failing to find a certain .eng file and I suspect that it is hard-coded in a file that overwrites a default file, but I could not sort it out, so I just dumped my TRAINS directory and restored from my backup and things were fine.

    Actually, I did not have any problem installing the route itself and what I would recommend is that you install it, then delete all activities, services, and traffic before attempting to run it. Then create an activity using an Acela Trainset and enjoy. The paths should be okay. Another option that I used with the little German route put in the library last week (very nice, but nowhere near as complete or details as the W-10 was to use the Albula rollingstock and that did fine also.

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