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Thread: Marias, Marias Kootenai - Whitefish?

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    Where Standard Gauge is 3 feet between the rails.

    Default Marias, Marias Kootenai - Whitefish?

    OK, I'm a bit confused about all of this...

    Apparently, Marias Kootenai was a route that extended Marias 3.1 Athol? And Whitefish is only from Whitefish west, and doesn't include the Marias pass portion? Is that correct?


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    Default RE: Marias, Marias Kootenai - Whitefish?

    Both routes cover approx the same area.Whitefishx is now up to version 8 and in my personal view that series is the better although my prefernce is WF6 because it does not have the signalling bug that crept into WF7 and is presumably still in WF8.This bug means activities with AI traffic at passing sidings do not work.I am happy to be proved wrong on that statement if anyone has WF8 and has managed to make activities with lots of AI trains I will happily eat my words and download the route.You will find the scenery etc in WF6 and higher really good.One of my favourite routes.And no,it does not include Marias Pass.

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    Default RE: Marias, Marias Kootenai - Whitefish?

    I have gotten close. I'm in the process of 'final tweaking' of an activity for WF8. The meets "work," in the sense that no standoff occurs. But so far I still have the annoying bug of having to back up and then go forward again to get my signal to go green after the oncoming AI clears the switch.

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