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Thread: strasburg route big time help

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    hi i am drew i am a very big fan of the srr so i downloaded this cool route for strasburg now that i have the route but the coaches do not show and neather do the locomotives+ i can only explore route it won't let me do anything help please x-(

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    Hello Drew! I'm assuming you're new around here because I haven't seen you before. If you are. Welcome! anyways. assuming you've properly installed said locomotives and coaches, you are going to need to build a consist. You can do that either with Activity Editor, or by downloading Conbuilder. I've never tried Activity Builder but I know how to work Con builder. Go to the file library (f/l) at and search for and once those are installed build your consist(s) and enjoy. if you need anymore help drop me an e-mail at [email protected] I'm online alot.
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