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Thread: Scale Rail question

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    Where Standard Gauge is 3 feet between the rails.

    Default Scale Rail question

    I notice Saluda is using Scale Rail track and roads. What are the rules for using them in freeware routes? Do you use them, and then people have to download everything from the 3DTrains site? Are there any restrictions? And what about future availability?


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    There is a ScaleRail.HTML file which comes with the downloads, which specifies the following:

    ScaleRail is available as a free public download, and as such, licensing is not required for those who wish to distribute freeware routes using ScaleRail or ScaleRoad.

    For commercial licensing inquiries, please contact us at: [email protected].

    Do not distribute ScaleRail track or ScaleRoad models. You may, however, distribute the ScaleRail textures and bridge-end models files with your route. You may either distribute default ScaleRail and/or ScaleRoad textures found at, or custom textures of
    your own making.

    The license, which is also listed on the ScaleRail Forum ( ), says similar things, though in less specific words:

    ( b ) distribution of retail models in any form is strictly prohibited.

    That is their general, all products license, it doesn't appear to be ScaleRail specific, like the other file.


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