There has been some confusion installing the latest 1.6.122319 patch, updated again with an additional WIN-XP version.

This is what the included README.TXT should say:

[font color=blue]HOW TO INSTALL

1) Unpack downloaded ZIP archive to any place on your HD.

2) If you have a previous version of Patch installed, un-install it using it's "Uninst_MSTS patch*.exe" and if not use the original Version 1.2 / 1.4 Train Simulator update from the MS-TS download web site.

3) Start the Patch 1.6.122319.exe (WIN-98SE) or Patch 1.6.122319XP.exe (WIN-XP) and follow instructions.

4) From new "Translated DLLs" sub-folder in the Train Simulator folder choose your language folder and copy string.dll and dialog.dll into the Train Simulator folder, replacing the existing ones.

For testing of new features you can use included simple models of loco and wag with doors. Models are un-compiled for better study possibility. To hear the test loco sounds you must have the Dash-9 installed.

Do not use these DASH-9 files to replace your's !!!!