I am running the latest version of Bin 6.1. Today for the first time I attempted to use the Gadwin PrintScree version 2.6 in conjunction with Bin 6.1. I immediately had problems switching back and forth and had to use the end task function to stop the simulator. I rebooted my computer and tried it once again and this time I got a blue Screen shutting down my computer.

The blue screen isolated an ATI3duag.dll file as an issue. I installed the ATI 1600 Pro video card just a few days ago. I am wondering if any one else out there is running an ATI card, using Gadwin Printscreen and the most recent copy of Bin 6.1? Has anyone had any problem with the new Bin and any Printscreen softwares?

I will be contacting ATI with the info I have and see what is up. The first time it happened there was an automatic file that I was able to send to ATI.

Bob Edwards