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Thread: Could BIN fix snow S/DS problem?

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    Default Could BIN fix snow S/DS problem?

    Hi All,

    Do any of you BIN experts, (nudge nudge Otto,) think that future releases of MSTS Bin could resolve the error with MSTS giving a "send/don't send" error when opening an activity or Explore Route with snow? I hear it's a mix of graphics card drivers and MSTS bugs, but if there is any possibility of fixing it, it would help tremendously... most of the MSTS divisions on my computer can't display snow, with the sole exception of my Amtrack/SEPTA division. I only managed to fix that after an hour or more of reading my computer troubleshooter, resetting repeatedly, using in-depth stuff like "safe mode"... my eventual success was totally based on the troubleshooter's advice... and deperate prayer! ;-)

    If anyone else has found an easier workaround, please mention it. I looked hard for a solution, but there doesn't seem to be much advice on this bug here on the forums. If BIN can fix this, that would drastically improve MSTS as a simulator, at least from my perspective.
    Have a great day, everybody,

    Steven Goehring
    Teen Assoc. of Model Railroaders:

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    Default RE: Could BIN fix snow S/DS problem?

    On all routes or just a specific route?

    I have never gotten a S/DS in snow, so not sure what the problem is?

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    Default RE: Could BIN fix snow S/DS problem?

    Have you tried right clicking on "My Computer", then on "Properties" in the drop down menu, then on the "Advanced" tab and then on "Error Reporting", and then disabling that?

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    Default RE: Could BIN fix snow S/DS problem?

    Hi Steven !

    Have you tried ticking this box in this Launcher.exe option ?

    O t t o

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