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Thread: MSTSbin - Problem Installing

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    Default MSTSbin - Problem Installing

    Hi, I have recently attempted to install the latest version of MSTSbin on my computer only to find out that halfway through the installation this message popped up.

    "The file c:\Program files\Microsoft games\Train Simulator\Train.exe is not a vaild previous version and could not be upgraded"

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Anyone know a fix for it at all?

    When I have tried the cab switching feature, I haven't been able to get it to work succesfully, I have partially installed MSTSbin and read the Manual and still I am confused at how to get this working. I am not much of a computer expert so I do apologise if it is an Amateur mistake.

    Thank-you in advance
    Calum McIntosh

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    Default RE: MSTSBin - Problem Installing

    Hi Calum !

    There is no "Partial" install of a MSTSBin patch, it's either all or nothing and without the patched Train.exe you will not benefit from most of what it does !

    [font color=blue]C:\Program files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\Train.exe is not a valid previous version and could not be upgraded"[/font]

    You get this message because your Train Simulator\Train.exe is not the December 2001 version.

    Download and install this Update:

    O t t o

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