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Thread: Bin just keeps getting better....

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    Default Bin just keeps getting better....

    Hello Group,
    Been playing around with some of the improvements George has added to bin and all I can say is WOW!. Night cabs that not only work at night but also switch on in tunnels, plus you also have a light that can be switched on and off. Well done George, Well done :)

    Take care,
    Rich S.

    Aliased Night Cab.

    Night Cab with interior light switch on. I know, I know, I'm not the best graphic artist :)

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    Default RE: Bin just keeps getting better....

    Hi Rich !

    Yes, George is incredible, having achieved what he has so far and am sure that he has a few more tricks up his sleeve ! ;-)

    He really deserves to get paid a lot of money for doing all this in his spare time, his full time job not paying all that much ! :-(

    Take care, O t t o

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    Default RE: Bin just keeps getting better....

    Given the considerable improvements we see w/ bin, I for one have not the least reservation about his effort being rewarded w/ some money. If he wants to set up a "freinds of msts-bin" fund he should.

    I think tho he should avoid the full payware mode on account of the unusual relationship his software has w/ the original. Such a mode -- whether for a license or using the term "shareware" -- might bring him trouble whereas a simple thank you fund seems to me to be innocent.

    [b]Dave Nelson
    SLW Route Design: The Cal-P, 1950.[b]

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    Default RE: Bin just keeps getting better....

    The latest and greatest (MSTSPatch1.7.022420) also seems to have fixed the annoying

    bug. :)

    I do agree that George needs to be a little careful on how he sets up a "friends of MSTSBin" fund. With Microsoft announcing their intention of getting back in the Train Sim game and an excess of idle attorneys, you never know how they might react. :( That said, George certainly deserves more than a hearty pat on the back for his efforts.

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    I have been raking my brain for a long time now, trying to find a way for George to get well deserved donations for his ceaseless efforts of improving MSTS for our enjoyment, which can not cause him to get into trouble with M$ ! ;-)

    I got a way which I can not make public, not leaving a trace anywhere !

    I wonder whether he could have a PAYPAL account so that he can collect donations notified to his e-mail address ?

    Take care, O t t o.

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    Default RE: Bin just keeps getting better....

    If it's set up as a third party sort of thing. We'd just need someone who can be trusted to administer the program. Take George out of the loop, so-to-speak. If he's not asking for the money (which he hasn't), there would be less room for trouble. How about a Nobel nomination while we're at it? ;) Seriously, count me in for a donation!


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    Default RE: Bin just keeps getting better....

    Yes Chris, that is exactly what I have been thinking about and as I have a PayPal account could receive donations I can then pass on, wearing dark glasses and a Frankenstein cloak ! :7

    Being a retired professional, accountant and well respected in the world can be trusted to add MSTSBin users donations to mine !

    The recipient would be aware of who has contributed what and anybody could check with him whether their donations have been received !

    If the forum wants me to do that then use my web sites home page e-mail address to make donations, I shall then pass on !

    Take care, O t t o.

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