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Thread: lights and mstsbin

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    Default lights and mstsbin

    I have two rdc cars that are running together. I want to change directin and use the other cabview. I can get the cabview to change, but how do I turn on the lights at the other end, and the red markers on the front of the original rdc. Could someone direct me to a tutorial.

    Thanks, paul

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    Default RE: lights and mstsbin

    Hi Paul,

    Look at:

    If you want to see some examples download one or more loco's from


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    Default RE: lights and mstsbin

    Hi Paul !

    Every MSTSBin patch includes a Manual_eng.doc which explains much about the lights parameters in locos *.eng files, but is a few versions of MSTSBin patches out of date, George having made some more changes in the most recent ones !

    O t t o

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