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Thread: Keyboard changes, New to bin

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    Hello Fellow MSTS binners,

    Otto steered me in the right direction and I now have bin patch 1.702242 installed. I have played around a little and discovered some of the zoom effects and other view changes. I also saw where F9 can highlight multiple locos and read some posts about switching to front an rear cab ciews. I have yet to discover many things. I tried to read the bin patch help but can't really make it out. My version in F1 help still says version 1. Is there a newer help file?

    Is there a new keyboard file or pix, etc?

    I just downloaded the new bin couplers file but havn't poked into it yet. Any big cautions?

    Puzzled ;-)

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    Default RE: Keyboard changes, New to bin

    Larry, I would send Mike Simpson of Route Riter fame some free coinage you may have and get the donationware version of RR and have it do your entire TRAINSET folder to the in seconds in regards to upgrading your coupler to Bin versions. The couplers in the FL file ar also included in the Route Riter program. Once RR has done the main changeover, you can go in and pick large lots of cars to apply the cushioned and rigid versions to and get your fleet down in a good hours worth of work. You can choose between the standard bin couplers or the Pro versions based on your MSTS skill level.
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    Take it easy, Larry, one step at a time ! ;-)

    There is a manual which comes with every MSTSBin patch, you will find it after you have unzipped one, it's called Manual_eng.doc. There is also a README.txt with basic installation instructions.

    Apart from new keyboard function explained in the Manual_eng.doc, nothing else has changed with regards to your MSTS keyboard functions, which are still the same as specified in the manual which comes with the MSTS CDs package.

    As Bill said, making a "Donation" here:
    will get you a licensed copy of the ROUTE RITER including options for applying MSTSBin coupler parameters to all your rolling stock and downloading this from the File Library: will make creating rear cabs for locos as easy as saying "Bob's your uncle" ! ;-)

    Any specific question ? Just shoot ! :7

    Take care, O t t o.

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    Hi there Otto,

    I just had downloaded the latest version of RR also its new help and was planning to send at least $15.00. Its a great program even though I have a long way to go to really use it. I just updated the couplers on the %$#$ springy usgon wag that was a joke like in yard transfer 2 in Canjon Pass payware. Also in maint duty in MP3, now bin.

    again thanks for you help and advice.


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    Otto hello again,

    I looked at the eng manual and can't understand it! I may be too dumb to untangle the use of English in it but will look some more and try to suffer through. Gotta run have to cook dinner - Wife quilts, I cook.


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