In trying to set up an activity to use the passing track feature setting up a player train path as soon as I get to the second section of track and mark it as a passing track, I immediately get booted off Train Simulator with a choice to send or not to send info to Bill Gates. I have only noticed this happening with this most recent BIN....has anyone else ran into this same problem?

I first thought that it might be the 16 bit requirement for the video card. I checked and I was running in the 16 bit mode even thought I am using an ATI card. Normally when that problem exists with the Nvidia cards it occurs soon after having moved a few locations along the track using the mouse. This was not like that at all. Just to make sure it was not a setting on the video card, I then moved up to the 32 bit mode and it did the same thing.

Would one of you activity builders do a quick check and see what happens when you try to set up a new path using the passing track options?


Bob Edwards