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Thread: What is a Mac User to Do?

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    Default Break through

    Ok, I think I had a small break through. The key seems to be this: after Parallels is loaded but before Windows XP is loaded (or once it is stopped after it is loaded), go to the configuration menu. Click Memory --> Main Memory --> 512 MB and Video Memory -->64 MB (this might be the secret). Click Video --> Enable DirectX. Then load (or start) Windows XP and then MSTS. This seems to resolve the difficulties, though I still get one blotched menu screen. The Dash-9 consists works fine, with all controls in play. (I will do further testing and post any further difficulties I encounter.)

    I would still like information on any updates and instruction manuals on adding other locomotives and routes. I am primarily interested in Vermont, the Rutland in particular.


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    Default Try Fusion

    I run Fusion on my Intel Mac. I can run Vista and Mac software at the same time.

    Vista even runs faster on the Intel Mac.


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    While I run both MSTS and KRS with no problem using Boot Camp, my experiences with Parallels have been frustrating to the point of giving up (Microsoft is no help at all here requiring re-authorization every time you start a new virtual machine).

    My hope is that someday, someone makes a train simulator for the Mac. X-Plane, World of Warcraft, Civilization IV, and Spore all have Mac version. It seems that train simulators and (with a few exceptions) traditional wargames are the only genres that do not have Mac support.

    Hopefully this will change.

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