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Thread: Does a scenery item like this exist?

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    Default Does a scenery item like this exist?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a scenery item close to/resembling the small silo and conveyor contraption on the right of the attached photo.
    I've looked through several online file libraries and haven't noticed anything close, so I'm turning to the collective wisdom for help.
    Is there anything available for general download that is close to or would reasonably suffice for the object in question? Color is not much of an issue, I would rather have a close shape than nothing at all.


    Scott Riley
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    Yes and no. It is part of a concrete mixing plant that fills the cement trucks prior to delivery. A similar plant, part of American Concrete, is being used in the upcoming PRR Eastern and the Heartland Midwest route.

    It is not in the forum library but may be uploaded in the near future.

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