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Thread: crew haulers AAA limo or railcrew xpress

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    Default crew haulers AAA limo or railcrew xpress

    Thanks Dan helped alot I guess hauler is not the best paying job RCX has a opening in my area but iam only 21 damn thanx again
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    Default Crew Hauler?

    Hi Jerm.
    At least here in the Central Plains, a company called Renzenberger operates the Crew Taxi for BNSF. They are headquartered in the Kansas City area, with a website
    Railcrew Xpress is a newer company, headquartered in Toronto. They have a website at .

    Both companies are very often trying to Hire drivers. You might try looking on a website such as and use "railroad" and "Driver" as a search term.
    I'm looking for work myself, and made the effort to find out a little bit about the job. Here is a listing which appeared recently in an area newspaper:
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++

    DRIVERS Wanted!! Road Van Drivers!! Renzenberger, the leading railroad transportation company, is seeking qualified drivers in the Wichita, KS area to transport railroad personnel. If you're a safety-conscious driver who enjoys independence & flexible hours, we may have the perfect job for you! We provide well-maintained, late model vehicles in excellent condition, cell phone, fuel card, paid training, great benefits including insurance, 401(k) with company match, & generous safety bonus. Starting pay is $.16/mile, or $6.50/hr (while waiting) Must be 21 or older, clean driving record, no felony convictions in the past 7 years. Call 888-900-5224 today for more information. Renzenberger, Inc is an EOE.

    Source - Wichita Eagle newspaper
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +
    And here's a listing I found in "Yahoo HotJobs"


    Job ID 24138430
    Job Category Transportation/Logistics
    Location Houston, TX
    Position Type Full-Time, Employee
    Experience 1-2 Years Experience
    Desired Education Level Other
    Date Posted February 19, 2008
    View RAILCREW EXPRESS profile and job listings

    Address 8799 NORTH LOOP EAST # 260, Houston, TX, 77029, USA

    Drivers& Managers Needed, Immediate positions to transport railroad crews and equipment, CDL not required, multiple shifts, pre employment background and drug testing, must be 25 + for insurance reasons. Job Fair Wednesday Only! February 13th. @ Laquinta at 220 I-10 North. 9am-3pm 903-445-5586
    Address 8799 NORTH LOOP EAST # 260, Houston, TX, 77029, USA
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    One thing to be aware is that the job does not pay very well. Renzenberger pays their drivers $0.16 per mile while driving, and $6.50 per hour waiting time. I figured that the best you could gross would be about $80 a day, assuming you were working 8 hours (and kept the speed within legal limits). Assuming you worked 20 days a month, about $1600 per month or $20K per year. RailcrewXpress pays (I think) about the same.

    A days work usually starts with a call to the drivers cell phone, with instructions to report to a railroad crew change point, pick up a two-man crew and "taxi" them to some distant location where they are needed. Usually, the destination is then a train where the crew has gone "Dead on the law" (reached maximum allowed hours of service), possibly several hundred miles distant. The driver delivers the fresh crew, picks up the 'outlawed" crew and takes them to a Motel for rest time or return them to the crew change point. The Driver may be asked to find a meal stop for the crew as well. Sometimes, the Driver may be asked to transport a track gang or maintenance crew to a distant location.

    The driving may often occur at night, in poor weather, or on poor roads to reach remote trackside locations. It helps if the driver is very familiar with railroad locations and the back roads which access them, or possibly has a very good set of maps. The Railcrew Express company is noted for equipping each van with a GPS system, which serves the dual role of navigating for the driver and also communicating position of the van (and Crew) back to headquarters.

    This is a discussion about rail crew Taxi jobs; you might find it is informative.

    Dan Rohrback
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    Hallcon Crew Transport is the company that CP Rail uses to transport train crews in western Canada. I was with them for about three months a few years ago. The pay isn't great but I learned a LOT about the Canadian Pacific and railroading in general.

    Gary Cameron
    Red Deer, AB

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    The work force turnover rate with CSS and Rezenberger is around 200%
    Work Safe play hard

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    Quote Originally Posted by ge44tonner View Post
    Hi Jerm.
    ...Railcrew Xpress is a newer company,...

    Dan Rohrback
    Well they are not that new. They used to be called Armadillo and recently merged with another company and changed names. At least that is the story told me by several
    ex-Armadillo drivers


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    The people who run RCX doesnt know up from down. They usually hire people on the weekends because thats when all of their drivers quit. One guy I talked to just wanted to work one week to get some beer money. Thier favorite phrase is "Im sorry, we're out of vans and/or drivers" Gritten is a lot better. Nicer rides and the rate of pay is better, from what i've been told. Even though you work in your usual place, if there is a shortage of drivers in Mississippi, you're going down there. We had plenty guys from Memphis, Alabama, and Springfield, MO down here driving because no one wants to drive down here.

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