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    Default Pennsylvania Railroad Eastern Region

    Pennsylvania Railroad Eastern Region

    Version and Release Date: Public Beta 1, beta release 6, to be released soon

    Description: This route is a semi-fictionalized version of the Eastern region of the Pennsylvania Railroad consisting of the New York Division, the Philadelphia Terminal Division, the Philadelphia Division, the Middle Division, the Port Road, the Maryland Division, the Reading Terminal Division, the Strasburg Railroad, and the Maryland Division. It includes several released routes: the Middle Division 2.0, the NEC 4.0, and the Strasburg Railroad. The first two of which have been heavily re-scenicked.. All areas west of Harrisburg, PA are more fictionalized than areas of east of the city. It is, in essence, the eastern half of the “Standard Railroad of the World.” One can now run from Pennsylvania Station in New York to Washington, DC or Altoona, PA.

    Installation Method: Self-extracting archive to be installed as a mini route.

    Add-Ins required: most recent version of MSTS bin required in the main MSTS directory. Other add-ins are built into the route to make the install easier.

    Size of Download: The route will only be available on dvd. The clicks-team installer file is 1.5 GB in size.

    Fantasy, Prototypical, or Freelance Operations: The route lends itself to prototypical or freelance operations.

    Freight or Passenger: Both

    Era or Genre: 1940s to the present

    Location: Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York.

    Lines Included: PRR, LIRR, Reading, B and O, and Lehigh-Valley RR.

    Number of Sidings: passing sidings too numerous to count , very many industry spurs

    Number of Yards: too many to count; major yards include, among others, the Marysville Yard, Enola Yard, Harrisburg Yard, Waverly Yard, Sunnyside Yard, the Paoli Yard, Meadows Yard, Erie Lackawanna Yard, Harsimus Cove Yard, Waldo Avenue Yard, Waverly Yard, Bay Line Yard, Oak Island Yard, and New Gardens Yard.

    Single/Dual Track: trackage ranges from single track to 10 tracks wide. There is over 3000 miles of functional trackage.

    Level of Trackside Detail: very high. Includes Signals, Crossing gates, Buildings, Siding and Platform Names.

    Amount of scenery completed: 95%

    FPS Specs, with qualifiers: 10-30 (3 GHz Pentium4, 2 GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon X600XT). Lowend system users might experience unacceptable slowdowns in some places on the route due to heavy urban scenery and single objects, although the route apparently runs well on low end machines if the sliders are all the way down.

    Activities Provided: Six activities are included which are of various degrees of difficulty. Time to complete all six is in excess of 20 hours.

    Tsection.dat file used: Build 35

    Payware or Freeware: Freeware (user pays for media and shipping).

    Known Problems: Very graphics-demanding in places, rough trackage in places (full details of problems is available in the readme file provided on the dvd

    Designer's e-mail for more info: This route is produced by BLLW, NALW, and the Pennsylvania Terminal Railroad Co, Eastern Region, Civil Engineering Department.
    General Manager: Maia T. Katz
    Assistant to the General Manager: Tom Pearce
    Chief Civil Engineer: George Meyhoefer
    Assistant to the Chief Civil Engineer: Hank Sundermeyer
    Consulting Engineer: Ron Picardi
    Assistant to the Consulting Engineer: Mike in N.E.
    General Superintendent of the Port Road -
    and Philadelphia Division: Bill Aukamp
    General Superintendent of the Terminal Division -
    and Reading Terminal Division: Kyle Ortiz
    General Superintendent of the New York -
    and Middle Divisions: Chuck Schneider
    General Superintendent of the Maryland Division: Vince Cockeram

    For more details contact ONLY Chuck Schneider or Maia T. Katz here on Train-Sim; BLLW and NALW's direct involvement is only limited to the supplying of rolling stock and not in the building of the route.
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    Default Public Statement by BLLW

    Sounds interesting...
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