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Thread: Rules and Regulations: 04/18/2008

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    Default Rules and Regulations: 04/18/2008

    This has been updated but this will be locked so no posts are made on this.

    Basic Member Rules - The Shake Down

    Offensive names will be deleted without question - choose your name wisely.

    Please use your REAL e-mail address, in case we start a newsletter, you will receive it on a monthly basis.

    Please use the private messaging feature when trying to contact somebody on the forum, or use the general forum if it important.

    The use of train gifs is permitted, however as static consists only. This means no more then a few cars/locomotives. An example such as this is OK. The allowed limit is one line.

    Scrolling gifs are not allowed on TrainSim.Com.

    If you want to have a signature, please restrict them to 5 lines.

    If you want to have a banner, they must be no more than 450 pixels wide by 120 pixels high.

    Express your opinions, but keep it without having to call the "fire trucks" for an intense flame war.

    Keep the offensive words off the forum. Remember, there are children on this forum. While most know them, I prefer us not getting a bad rep from parents complaining their kid has learned all the swear words here.

    Freedom of speech does not apply here. This is a private forum. For more information, see here;

    New Rules effective July 12th, 2004

    Three Strike Rule ? This is pretty simple and straight forward. If you screw up 3 times, you're banned, no questions. If you come back on a different IP, again, banned. Wait your 30 to 60 days and you're welcome to come back. This however depends on what caused you to be banned.

    Fighting will not be tolerated. Act like adults on this forum. This is no reason to act like a school. If you start a fight/flame war, you'll get 3 warnings, and then you're banned.

    Railfan trip reports are best suited for railroad related websites such as . However, if you want to post a report on the forums here, please do so in the Off-Topic forum. While it isn't off topic per say we have decided it is better suited there after discussing it with the other moderaters.

    We have forums for specific topics (i.e., multiplayer, locomotive design...) and such topics must remain in their appropriate forums. Topics that are found out of the appropriate forum will be locked and the user will be asked to repost or leave the post in the correct forum.

    Screenshots are allowed in all forums, however multiple screenshots are best suited for the Screenshot Forum. Which means if you have 30 pics showing off a route or a new loco please do it in the Screenshot Forum.

    Computer topics are to be discussed in the PC forum.

    Warnings will no longer be given out in public, they will be done in PM or email. Mods, please take note of this.

    Members please don't alert a message simply for us to "watch it". We scan and view the forum on a daily and near hourly basis. We do our best to keep an eye on topics that may flame up into more. If it does get out of hand however, please, alert or email us so we can take care of the problem as quickily as possible.

    Forums - Where to post.

    General Forum - General railroading forum, for topics not specific to any one simulator.

    The General Forum is for everything railroad related, such as 1:1. derailments, trip reports. Please keep it railroad related.

    Microsoft Train Simulator - General forum for MSTS.
    This forum is for Microsoft Train Simulator, nothing else please.

    MSTS Locomotive Design - Tech forum for people doing 3D design for locomotives, railcars and trainsets.
    This forum is for Microsoft Train Simulator, mainly used for people designing locomotives, railcars, buildings, vehicles and scenery objects. This also serves as a tech forum if you need help with a specific 3D program.

    MSTS Engine and Livery Skinning - Tech forum about repainting locomotives and cars.
    This forum is for Microsoft Train Simulator, mainly used for people repainting/reskinning locomotives, railcars, textures and others. This also serves as a tech forum if you need help with a specific painting program, like Paint Shop Pro 7 and Adobe Photoshop.

    MSTS Route Design - Tech forum for route designers.
    This forum is for Microsoft Train Simulator, used for route builders using the Route Editor. Also where you can get answers regarding DEM, Scenery Object placement, Route Editor Help, DEM-EX Help, etc.

    Route Specification Forum - Forum for route developers to post their route specifications and descriptions. No discussion. Moderated.
    For detailed rules, please check

    MSTS Activity Design - Tech forum for activity designers.
    This forum is for Microsoft Train Simulator, used for activity designers using the various programs out. Also get questions answered on how to make an activity and any other questions needed.

    MSTS Cab Design - Tech forum for cab designers.
    This forum is for Microsoft Train Simulator, used for cab designers. This is also a tech forum if you need help making a cab.

    MSTS Sound Design - Tech forum for sound designers.
    This forum is for Microsoft Train Simulator, used for people who like to experience making or modifing sounds in the game. This is the forum if you have questions about the SMS system and the Sound Test.

    Traction - Discussion for traction and trolley railways.
    This forum is for Microsoft Train Simulator, used for people who like to go back to the good ol' days and model traction and trolley routes and cars. This forum is also used for trolley route design.

    Screenshot Forum - Share your train-sim images with others.
    This forum is not specific to any one simulator, screen grabs can be from any rail related item may be posted.

    MSTS Multiplayer Forum ? Discuss, schedule and organize multi-player operating sessions.
    This forum is for multiplayer session discussions only. Please keep such posts in here.

    Auran Trainz - General forum for all topics related to Auran's Trainz simulator.
    This forum is for Auran Trainz only. Nothing Microsoft Train Simulator related is allowed in this forum; please respect this. For more help regarding Auran Trainz, check out the forums at Auran

    Boso View Express (BVE) - Discussion of Boso View Express sim.
    This forum is for BVE only. For more information on this sim, please post a topic or review one already posted in the thread.

    Yard Duty - The National Freight Yard Simulation.
    This forum is for Yard Duty. Rules there are applied by KingJPW. For more info, post on the forum, or check it out at [url]

    Railroad Tycoon ? A forum for all discussion related to Railroad Tycoon.

    TrainMaster Train Simulator ? General forum for questions and information on the upcoming Trainmaster Simulator (TMTS).

    Railroad Photos - Forum to show off real railroad photographs

    Scenery Object Design - for discussion of all upcoming scenery items.

    Items Wanted - want a certin model, request it here (please no begging)

    MSTS Bin Help - covers all topics relating to MSTS BIN

    MSTS Route Questions - Need help with a route, ask your questions here

    Kuju Rail Simulator - for all updates about KUJU's new train sim

    MSTS-X - for discussing microsofts new train sim

    Member Information

    Due to the fact sometimes things just don't work the way you want them to, here is a handy tip. If you get an error message when trying to send an Alert message, send an e-mail instead. In most cases, one of the us will get it and take care of the problem or watch it carefully.

    Brian Bundridge
    Nels Anderson
    Shawn Kenselaar
    Danny Swartz
    Simon Harley
    Jason Underwood

    To anyone who wants to contact someone via the little email button...
    PLEASE add your return e-mail address to your mail, since the mail you write will come from [email protected] and the receiver doesn't know where to reply to...


    A very neat and useful tool for forums is an IE plug-in that spell checks text boxes on forums, web-based e-mails, etc. It's freeware, and it doesn't have any spam or spyware included. So what'cha waiting for??


    The Mods
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