Version and Release Date: Version 1.0 April 2008

Description: Prototypical route spanning 5 BNSF sub-divisions in the Powder River Basin Coal loop. Includes the BNSF-UP joint line (BNSF Orin sub) in Wyomings PRB, as well as the connecting BNSF Black Hills and Butte subs. Also features Crawford Hill and the horse shoe curve.

Installation Method: InstallShield type installer. The installer also runs Installme.bat to copy needed shapes into the route.

Add-Ins required: XTracks, v. 3.18 or higher. NewRoads 3.2 Dynamic Shadows also required. MSTSBin not required, but recommended. Requires all default routes to be installed.

Size of Download: 390 MB single file download or 7 split files (Approx. 60MB Each)

Size of Installed Route: 1.1 GB with terrain buffer generated.

Fantasy, Prototypical, or Freelance Operations: Prototypical

Era or Genre: 1990s-present. Route is updated to reflect present situation (September 2007).

Freight or Passenger: Freight

Location: Wyoming / South Dakota / Nebraska

Length of Lines:
- Orin Sub: 127 mi
- Reno Sub: 2.5 mi
- Campbell Sub: 9.5 mi
- Black Hills Sub: 123.8 mi
- Butte Sub: 112.1 mi

Length and Number of Branches: 6 mine branches on Campbell Sub, 9 mine branches on Orin Sub, 2 mine branches on Reno Sub.

Number of Sidings: numerous sidings.

Number of Yards: 1 large yard (Alliance NE), 3 medium-sized yards (Gillette WY, Donkey Creek Yard WY, Bill WY), 3 small yards (Newcastle WY, Edgemont SD, Crawford NE)

Single/Dual Track: Orin Sub is completely triple tracked with 20 miles of quadruple track. Some single track on Black Hills and Butte Subs, but mostly double tracked.

Level of Trackside Detail: prototypical, high in populated places. Right-of-way detailing is very high. Future updates may occur.

Amount of scenery completed: 100%. Future updates may occur.

FPS Specs, with qualifiers:
NOTE: System 1 described below is also the recommended minimum when running prototype length (3 locomotives + 100 ~ 125 cars) trains and traffic patterns.
System 1:
- Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.2 GHz
- 1024MB DDR Ram
- Sapphire Radeon X600 graphics card, 256MB Ram
- Windows XP Pro
- MSTSBin installed
- In-game detail settings: All at maximum / enabled, Specular Lighting disabled.
Performance: 10-50 (urban - rural)

System 2:
- Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.0 GHz
- 1024MB DDR Ram
- Radeon 7500 graphics card, 64MB Ram
- Windows 2000 Pro
- In-game detail settings: All at maximum / enabled, Specular Lighting disabled.
Performance: 3-20 (urban - rural)

Users with lower-end hardware may experience unacceptable stutter in populated areas (Alliance, Gillette) and / or diminished graphics quality.

Activities Provided: three explore activities using BNSF SD70ACe and BNSF 5-bay Hoppers equipment (included)

Tsection.dat file used: Build 35

Payware or Freeware: Freeware.

Where it can be downloaded: TrainSim.Com file library

Designer's e-mail for more info / comments (NOT support): vanbsdrekbak (at) gmail (dot) com