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    Default AAR Control Stand

    I get the feeling that when MSTS2 comes out, my old RD just isn't gonna be enough for me anymore, you know? Plus, I need a notched throttle . Does anyone have any idea when PI is going to come out with its full size control stand, or if MSTS2 will support controllers like FS does? It seems like it would be a much better system if the controller didn't have to mimic keystrokes.

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    I'm not sure if this is what your looking for but PI engineering has a Full sized AAR Stand running about $5,000 to $10,000 USD.

    ---Max Wipperman---

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    We all have that much just lying around. I know I posted this in another forum, but they should design one that fits in a more convenient space.

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    Smile RailDriver and MSTS2

    Hi guys,

    Please rest assured that we will have much better support from MSTS2 than we had from MSTS. Of course that's not hard since we had NO support from MSTS and have to read the HUD to know what's going on. The MSTS2 developers are actually working with us this time so the RailDriver in MSTS2 should be rock solid.

    Also the new software we are developing will allow all of our P.I. Engineering products to interface with MSTS2 and should make it possible for the ambitious enthusiast to build his own cab controller.

    Regarding the AAR Stand, the version we currently have in production is built for professional training for our TrainMaster division and runs about $30,000 depending upon options.

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