Three major routes in one.

Route Display name: C&S NG South Park Line 1905. Directory name: C&S_NG.

Version: Part 5 released June 30, 2008. Part 4 released March 8, 2008. Part 3 released December 1, 2007. Part 2 released September 2, 2007. Part 1 released November 1, 2006.


Part 1 of Colorado & Southern (former DSP&P) route includes the Platte Canon District (Denver to Como, 88 miles), and 6 miles of the Gunnison District, and 16 miles of Leadville District, with all branches.

Part 2 extends the route to Breckenridge in the Leadville District (MP 111), and to Nathrop in the Gunnison District (MP 138), plus about 33 miles of branch lines. Also 9 miles of Colorado Midland standard gauge on Trout Creek Pass, and 9 miles of D&RG narrow gauge in the Buena Vista-Nathrop area.

Part 3 extends the route to Leadville (MP 151) to complete the Leadville District, and includes the 7 mile Keystone Branch through Dillon from Dickey. It also includes about 48 miles of D&RG narrow gauge from Dillon through Leadville to Malta and to Leadville Junction, and about 14 miles of Colorado Midland standard gauge in the Leadville area and up to Turquoise Lake. Also many miles (maybe 20 or so?) of mining trackage in the Leadville Mining District (mostly D&RG), with some crossings and a lot of switchbacks. C&S and D&RG interconnect at Leadville, Frisco, and Dillon.

Part 4 does not add C&S trackage, but adds a lot of D&RG narrow gauge and Colorado Midland standard gauge trackage. D&RG can now be driven 97 miles from Buena Vista/Nathrop through Leadville to either Dillon or Tennessee Pass. Colorado Midland can now be driven 87 miles from Hartsel in South Park to Ivanhoe, via either Leadville or Leadville bypass, and via either the older Hagerman Tunnel and massive Hagerman trestle, or the newer Busk-Ivanhoe Tunnel.

Part 5 extends the C&S from Nathrop to Gunnison (MP 203). In Gunnison it interchanges with the D&RG, which runs east from there about 13 miles in view of the C&S.

Installation Method: Just unzip the traditional zip files and copy the route into the Routes folder. No installer to click on. No batch file. No default routes required. The 5 parts must be installed in chronological order.

Size of Downloads: 5 zip files. Part 1 is about 136 MB. The Part 2 add-on is about 26 MB. The Part 3 add-on is about 30 MB. The Part 4 add-on is about 29 MB. The Part 5 add-on is about 28 MB.

Size of Installed Route: Size on disk 594 MB after MSTS generates terrain buffers upon initial route loading.

Reality: This is a prototype route.

Freight or Passenger: Both, as well as mixed.

Era or Genre: Around 1905.

Location: Colorado USA.

Length of Mainline: 463 miles all together. C&S narrow gauge 266 miles total: 151 miles from Denver to Leadville or 203 miles from Denver to Gunnison. D&RG narrow gauge 110 miles total: 79 miles from Nathrop to Dillon or 54 miles from Nathrop to Tennessee Pass or 13 miles from Gunnison to Parlin. Colorado Midland standard gauge 87 miles total, from Hartsel to Ivanhoe.

Branches: 1. Morrison Branch, 10 miles, with Fort Logan sub-branch, and with mining sub-branches out of Morrison, from Sheridan Junction. 2. Silica Branch, 4 miles, from Platte Canon. 3. Nighthawk Branch, 5 miles, from South Platte. 4. King Coal Mines Branch, 3 miles, from the wye east of Como. 5. Alma and London Mines Branch through Fairplay, 21 miles, from Garo. 6. Leavick Mining Branch, 12 miles, from near Fairplay. 7. Buena Vista Spur, 4 miles, from Deadman's Curve. 8. Keystone Branch, 7 miles, from Dickey. 9. Leadville Mining District, perhaps 20 miles of mining trackage of 3 railroads.

Number of Sidings/Passing Tracks: Many.

Number of Major Yards: 4 (Denver, Como, Leadville, and Gunnison). Several smaller yards.

Mixture of Double and Single Track: Mostly single track with many passing tracks.

Level of Trackside Detail: Substantial. End of track signals mostly buried, speed limits, mileposts for C&S only, whistle posts, platforms all named, sidings mostly named. Sounds of animals, rushing water, wheel squeal. Working water towers and coaling towers. Many stations. Dozens of trackside signs identifying features along the way.

Amount of Scenery Completed: Substantial. Many buildings, roads, water, forests, deer, road crossings. Some people and horse powered wagons and buggies. Development in the Denver area is consistent with the earlier era. Substantial variety of terrain textures.

FPS: Varies from 17 in downtown Denver and Leadville to 60 in open country, with 30 in heavily forested areas. That's with Pentium D 3.2 GHz dual core processor, 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM at 533 MHz, and 256 MB GEForce 7800 video card. Default game settings.

Activities Provided: Just extremely simple explore activities included in the route files. Numerous start points in Explore Route.

Add-In Track and Roads Required: Xtracks v3.10 or later, Global tsection.dat build 24 or later, and NEWROADS standard v3.2 or later.

Distribution: Freeware from only.

Author: Donald W. Karch (Train-Sim forums user name: dwkarch) (email: [email protected])