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Thread: RD 85% max in fwd reverser-steam only

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    Default RD 85% max in fwd reverser-steam only

    I recently installed the latest MSTS BIN and took RailDriver_Roccos' advice to Komachi and installed into GUI/Driveraids. That took care of one of my problems. That being in the F5.1 HUD the reverser going from current setting to a low minus, and back to the current setting about once per second, and the throttle doing the same thing at the same time. I hope that doesn't re appear, because narrow gauge engines HAVE to run at max to get the max load up 4% grades. So far so good on that point.
    The other problem I have is that my reverser never shows more than 85% forward. I have noticed that for a loong time. I am Beta testing a new steam loco and I seem to be getting grade with max load results less than them, who are running from their keyboards. So thinking that maybe I should re-calibrate my RailDriver, I did that today and still only 85% max in fwd. reverser. When starting RailDriver/MSTS I choose the Golsdorf loco. The question is, 'Is there a way to get 100% fwd reverser?

    Edit. No problem. Due to valve lap mechanical mumbo jumbo about event timing, it seems 85% is all we'll ever get.
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