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Thread: 6 Hours of Long Island Rail Road Videos.

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    Talking 6 Hours of Long Island Rail Road Videos.

    Found these videos, 6 hours worth of head end videos. You ride at the front door window, track centre.
    And yeah, this is the line I'm building so you can see what I'm up against scenerywise.

    The LIRR runs 650vdc third rail MU's, Diesel and DualModes 650vdc/diesel.
    These videos are all MU electrics. M1's and some of the newer M7's are seen along with Dualmode diesels and diesel freight.
    No permission needed to ride up front.
    Much of the lines track speed is 80. Some of these runs really cook.
    The site is not always up.

    These are all head end videos. Obviously a tripod was used. But the dirty front door window on one of the clips. . .ugh!
    The bug crawling around on another is amusing. Looks like a fly.

    All these videos run one hour plus each! Over 6 hours of video.

    Clip 1. Westbound Hempstead to Flatbush Avenue Terminal in Brooklyn

    Clip 2. Eastbound Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn to Jamica then change to the express to Freeport then express to Babylon.

    Clip 3. Westbound Babylon to Penn. This vid is flawed due to the sun into the camera lens but most okay.

    Clip 4. Eastbound @ 3:34PM Jamaica to Ronkonkoma. This is nice!
    The station with all the trees neatly in a row in the Pinelawn Station and the National Cemetary. I glad they keep it up like that. It honor's the hero's that rest there. All these stations out this way were track level platforms when the MU's were MP-54's.

    Clip 5. Westbound Ronkonkoma to Jamaica.

    Clip 6. Babylon west to Jamaica and return east to Babylon

    On the return east to Babylon, notice the really neat interlocking at Jay Tower (Jamaica) Double Slips everywhere. The other end of the station is just as complicated but it's more spread out. Now you can see why X-Tracks was a requirement before I could build.
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    Just finished watching the first one. It's just like BVE!

    I kept wanting to hit the right and left arrow keys to check out trackside details.

    Thanks for the links, Vince.


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    These are some of the best front window videos I've seen! I just love the sound of the wind whistling while moving along at 80+ mph. And I admit to hitting the spacebar more than once to sound the horn at RR crossings!

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    Awsome work!

    Brings back memories of my old commute.

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