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Thread: Toothpaste on CD's?

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    Default Toothpaste on CD's?

    Does toothpaste really remove scrathes on a cd?

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    This sounds like a case for the Mythbusters team...

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    Give it a try and let us know how it works.


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    Default The blind leading the blind.

    Quote Originally Posted by BNSF5767 View Post
    Does toothpaste really remove scrathes on a cd?
    Some toothpastes are more abrasive than others so your question is non sequiter. You need to know the least abrasive brand or you can kiss that CD goodby.

    As for Mythbusters: I wouldn't trust those idiots to test anything. Both obviously have lots of empty space between their ears.

    For example, just remember what one of those jerks did with a running vacuum cleaner motor. . .
    he put his mouth near the suction inlet and was rewarded with getting his upper lip sucked into the impeller, causing him much pain and blood loss.

    Served him right! What he missed was doing the world a favor by getting his tongue ripped out.
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    You're better off spending the money for CD cleaning/repairing kits. It's better than risking losing the CD and your mom or wife won't have a fit because you wasted toothpaste. Save the toothpaste for cleaning the truck gears on your model trains.

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