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    I took some photos last night and now they have disappered compleatly from my card did my PC eat my photos out from the memory card? I used the built in card holder(dont know what is called exactly) to retreave my photos and now when I place the card in the slot they are gone. Are the photos really gone or just not viewable there is a odd folder named "╥SQ╠ .R" that can not be opened normaly. Any ideas why this could have happed? I believe on this card I can take 96 photos when the card is empty and it says it has 86 or so left on the memory to take. I am really confused as to why this has occured.Its a 256MB card on a 7.5 megapixel camera
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    "╥SQ╠ .R" sounds an awful lot like corruption and should not be there normally.
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    Can I correct this corrupted file or am I out of luck trying to rescue my photos.Out of 12 photos that I took only 3 showed up this afternoon and now I have none.
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