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    Hi i have had my Rail Driver for quiet a while now, i know that its not meant to be fully compatible with 3rd Party Add-ons, but i was on the first activity of the Nene Valley Railway expansion pack, and i came across a problem were the reverser number was going between -65 and 25 when i had the reverser in full reverse mode. I thought to myself made its just because the lever is not completely movable, so i thought i would change it to the locomotive brake lever since i don't really use, but in the cab maker you can't, and i couldn't find any other lever/button that could be used as the reverser.

    Now i know i can just disable the reverser in the cab maker for that steam locomotive, but is there any other way of getting round this.

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    Yes, I do. Make a backup of the raildriver .rdf file you're using, and open it in Notepad. Where it says 54,112,"Reverser", change "Reverser" to "Locomotive Brake", and then change 58,115,"Locomotive brake", to 58,115,"Reverser".

    That SHOULD do it!

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