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Thread: Want to speed up your XP or Vista computer?

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    Default Want to speed up your XP or Vista computer?

    Easy. Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, find Services.

    Go down to Windows Search, and disable it.

    You'll find your searches take longer, but random slow downs and lockups will go away, you'll find IE and Outlook are much much faster, and it will make your computer run more smoothly.

    Windows Search "indexes" your hard drives. Constantly. It's supposed to run in the background, and when the computer is idle, but MS hasn't quite gotten that to work yet.


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    Thanks Robert,
    That's one I knew about quite awhile back, but had forgotton to do on my current rig.


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    I don't have Windows Search on mine, but I do have Indexing Service, which I have set to manual.
    As much as I use the search tool on my system I don't dare slow it down anymore. It's takes to long as it is. LOL!

    Edit 1: Here's a site that will give you all kinds of information on the services running in the background on XP and Vista.
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