Name: Milwaukee Road, Coast Division, 2nd Subdivision


Released: 10-05-08

Description: This is a tracks only release of a future route by J. H. Sullivan
And it is being released “bare bones” in order to provide a starting point for
GN/NP simmers in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Scenery has been extracted
With DEMEX from seamless USGS data, but very little sculpting has been
Done (i.e. “Y” key). Areas of the ocean have been set at a 0.6M level and
Have been turned on over wide areas.

The NP portion extends from about 1 mile south of the Narrows bridge,
i.e. “Galloping Gertie” through the Bennett Tunnel, Tacoma Termina,
and on through Auburn to Seattle. At Auburn there is an extensive yard
laid out as close as possible to the “real world” with aerial imagery. At
Seattle, the King St. Station and Union Station trackages have been included
With some “simmers license”. Many industries, small yards, etc. are included
Along the NP. From the Auburn Wye, the NP extends east over Stampede
Pass to CleElum. At Stampede, the Switchbacks are in place and operable,
But definitely not for the faint of heart.

The Milwaukee extends from TideFlats yard, and the T&E station in Tacoma
To Tacoma Jct., Fife, (A yard at FIFE may not have existed in real Milwaukee
Days) and on to Black River Jct. And Seattle. At Black River, the Milwaukee
Turns east and extends to CleElum as well, using the route over Snoqualmie
Pass. The Hiline at Snoqualmie is included. See problems for some caveatts
About this line. Again, many industries are included.

Credits: The route uses X-tracks and M-Tracks and so I wish to thank the
Creators of these items. It also will require NewRoads, but none have been
Installed in this version.

Payware/Freeware: The route is freeware, but I would appreciate a credit
Comment from anyone that uses it.

Add-ons: Requires the newest release of X-tracks and NewRoads, although
No roads have been installed yet. Mtracks curves have been used in all
Single track areas where the degree of curve was 10 or less and known
From the profiles. Mtracks #20 & #15 turnouts, mostly crossovers have
Been used where appropriate. Many active slip switches are found in the
Seattle area.

Known Problems: A 100M 2 or 3 track piece has been left out of the Milwaukee
Mainline at Maple Valley. TDB rebuilds were impossible with this in place.
Late in the development, a orphan pole was found on the Hiline east side
Of Snoqualmie. At this point, it was found that the line follows parallel and
Very close to the tile boundary. The most likely fix is to move the track several
Meters to the east for perhaps ½ mile in this area. However, no rebuild has
Been done since completing the Seattle area, and there are MANY possible
Problems in industry areas of Seattle & Tacoma, making me wonder if a
Rebuild is at all possible.

Request: Should anyone attempt a rebuild, and it is successful, let me know
And I’ll buy a CD of the route off of you. That will save me much agony when
I come back to this route in a few months. In the iterim, I will be doing a
Much less complex tracks only 3rd Sub. Of the Milwaukee in Montana so
That Lukas Lussar can cobble it with the existing 4th sub.

Contact: J. H. Sullivan --- [email protected]