File Downloads:

All known bugs have been fixed.

There is however a reported problem with people trying to use the MSN browser to download files.

Download Accelerators have been supported from the start.

You no longer have to log in each time. We are using a cookie to store your login status. You don't have to log out any more. There are no more "nodes". There is no more time limit.

"Free" members get 2 download threads at 30 KB/s. You can download 2 files at a time or download 1 file using 2 threads.

Paid members get unlimited speeds and threads.

Our ISP has seemed to solve their network problems. According to the log files, many paid users are getting download speeds in the 500 KB/s range.

MSN Browser: We have done a lot of research on this and there is no clear answer. The workaround is to use IE for the actual file download. Apparently, many other sites are having this problem as well. As soon as we can find an answer, we will implement it and let you know.

If you are still having problems, please feel free to PM me. Make sure you include your username and some useful information. What software, what version, what time/day, any error message, etc. As far as we know, there are very few people still having problems. We are more than happy to work with you to solve the problem.

Best regards,