Name: La Salle Rockford & Central

Author: Nick Kelsey (Means Locomotive Works)

Release Date: December 2, 2008

Description: A highly detailed (Fictional) shortline in central Illinois that serves various industries and interchanges with numerous other Class A and Class B Railroads.

Size of Download: 700+ MB.

Size of Installed Route: 700+ MB

Fantasy, Prototypical, or Freelance Operations: Freelance

Freight or Passenger: Primarily freight, some excursion passenger service

Era or Genre: Modern (1990's to Present)

Location: North-Central Illinois

Length of Mainline: 46 Miles

Branches: None active (One abandoned branch)

Number of Sidings: 2 Passing Sidings, 40+ Industrial Sidings

Number of Yards: 2 medium size yards with a few smaller yards.

Interchanges w/ Other Railroads: 5

Primary Industries: Grain, Ethanol, Manufactured Goods, Coal

Grades: Max 1.9% for a short distance

Dual or Single Track: Single Track with Passing Sidings

Signaling: Track Warrant Control with signal protected sidings

Level of Trackside Detail: Extremely high in most areas; very high in others

Amount of Scenery Completed: 100%

FPS Specs: 20-30 (Nvidia 7300LE, 4GB RAM, 2.66 Hz Processor) Lower in some highly detailed areas, but not significant enough to detract from game play.

Add-In Track Sets: Scale Rail and Scale Roads

Payware or Freeware: Freeware.