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Thread: Program for Raildriver to drive WOS and MSTS

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    Default Program for Raildriver to drive WOS and MSTS


    I have written a program to drive the MSTS and WOS with the Raildriver Desktop. To run my program, you must have registered the RDDesktop.ocx and the PIEHid.dll (ver or newer) must be in the directory where my program is or in the system32 directory. For the RDDesktop.ocx you can also install the, what you can download from the PI Engineering Website. My tool ist still in Beta, so you can tell me about errors and what features are missing.

    The features of my tool are:

    - you don't need the hud
    - you can drive trains with Combi-modus
    - you can drive the berlin s-train and u-train
    - you don't need to modify the eng Files
    - you can drive every Train simulator
    - you can drive msts under Vista (I think so)

    When you want to drive WOS, you have to change the keys like the same as MSTS. (d and a for speed; and for stopping)

    Here are a link about it:

    At this time the RDTRAIN FIX is only avaible in german. But when you are interesting, I can write and explain it in english.

    PS: Sorry about my english, but I'm a german.


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    I am interested in seeing if your program will in deed make Raildriver work using Vista. Would appreciate a brief 'how to' for the installation process.

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    I try to explain it.

    1. The Raildriver must be award from Vista, that means the Hardware is seen under the system Manager.

    2. You must install the (you can downloaded it from PI Engineering Website).

    3. You must copy the PIEHid.dll in the system32 directoty (you find it under C:\Program Files\PI Engineering\RDDesktop Development Kit\CBuilder)

    4. Then you run my program rdtrain fix

    5. You mast calibrate the raildriver (first the lever below then o.k, then the lever above and o.k)

    6. Then you take the profil "Diesel-LoK" and start the Train Simulator and control a diesel train

    7. With strg+esc you can switch to my program and you can configure the factor for speed and stopping dynamic brake and train brake, you have to try out the best worth to control the train

    Good Luck


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    Does your program also provide speed to the RailDriver console display?

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    no, the original driver reads from the HUD Display. This is the reason, that you have 2-3 frames belower then without the Raildriver Desktop.
    With my program I simulate the keyboard keys and send it to the MSTS. The display shows with my program the position of the lever in Procent.


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    Just found this by searching on Google, got to say it looks very interesting but if you could post instructions (or just bullet points) in English or in the forum in German and I'll run it though Google Translate it would be appreciated as I would certainly like to get rail driver working with WOS and with more trains in MSTS.

    Many thanks in advance for you hard work on this !!


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    Hi Mike,

    I don't understand what you want me to say. Can you explain it?


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    I may have jumped the gun on this, I've taken a look by translating the PDF and windows messages using Google translate and got it working with MSTS, but the main one I was looking for was WOS and I can't get the SDK or this working in Vista x64 so it's a bit of a non-starter for me.

    Thanks for the quick reply though.

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    now I am understanding what you mean. You don't need to install the whole SDK. You have to unpack the RDDesktop.ocx from the SDK and register it with the command: regsvr32 RDDesktop.ocx
    Then you have to change the keys in WOS, because I haven't got a profile for WOS yet, I'am working for it. The example keys for WOS must be for drive "a" and "d". Then you put the "Fahrhebel Faktor" about 41 and then you can drive.

    Good luck


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    I'm very excited about this but, not being able to read German, I've yet to figure out the calibration procedure (and its German prompts).

    The instructions here in the thread, "lever up" and "lever down", don't exactly explain what's required. Which lever, what sequence?

    Could anyone who's gotten this to work with MSTS please share (in English) what the calibration procedure is asking for? Thanks!
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