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Thread: Lehigh & Hudson River v3.0: the track disappears south of Maybrook?

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    Default Lehigh & Hudson River v3.0: the track disappears south of Maybrook?

    I'm having a problem using Lehigh & Hudson River version 3.0 on my computer. The line works flawlessly when running from Belvidere up to Maybrook. However, when I try to run south from Maybrook to Belvidere, I get about a mile past MP76, the tracks and scenery end abruptly. Here is a screen shot leaving Maybrook yard. I noted that, on the Track Monitor, the signal and distance never populate with data when I'm leaving Maybrook for Belvidere:

    Here's what the track looks like approximately a mile south of MP76:

    My system specs are:
    Processor: Intel Duo Core T5800 CPU, 2.00 GHz
    Ram: 3.00 GB
    O/S: Windows Vista Home, Service Pack 1
    Soundcard: Realtek H/D Audio version
    Regret I'm not sure what video card it has.

    I'm not real computer savvy but I hope that's enough data to figure out what I'm doing wrong. If not, please ask and I'll try and test somethings as you direct.

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    The problem is not with the route but the path you are using. If you start a path north of Maybrook the default route through switches will take you to the track you are on with mile post 76. To get to Belvidere you will need to alter the path using the Take other exit command at mile post 74 and mile post 75.

    You can also use the attached path which starts in Maybrook and ends at Belvidere.
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