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Thread: An Idea for the F/L

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    Default An Idea for the F/L

    To prevent future scammers in the file library, could we make it mandatory to have a picture with your file, so when the user goes to download that file, they know what it is. They could see what the file contains. The way we'll get scammers is if they re-post the file with the same picture (only a idiot scammer would do that) then we could track them down. Or we could have a way of the admin checking each file for duplicates in the f/l.
    Just an idea
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    As a user of the File Library for the past eight years, I fail to see any benefit at all in this idea.

    If the originator of a file can create an image, what on earth is to prevent a "scammer" (strange term!) from creating a new image?


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    Sounds like DRM. Looks great on paper, but in the end doesn't affect the hackers, but just hurts the end users. Even though pictures are nice to see.

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    Default Yeah

    While I was writing this, i thought about it. Not so great of an idea

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    Although I have posted stuff without a picture, one should maybe use that as just one more clue to scrutinize a file before adding it to your MSTS folder. Just use some common sense. If you don't know the originator and you don't have community feedback on the file, give it a closer look and maybe hold it in a temp file for a few days to see if any problems get discussed.
    BTW, the files I uploaded without a picture were compilation physics files, so they didn't go into the folder anyway.

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