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Thread: RailDriver with Rail Simulator

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    Default RailDriver with Rail Simulator

    HELP! No matter what I do, I can't get RailDriver to work with Rail Simulator on my Vista 32 system.....I am about to smash the damn RailDriver and go back to the mouse.

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    Default Problem resolved

    OK, just got a hold of RailDriver via phone and they fixed the need to go to options, game play, then select "expert" in order to make RailDriver work. I just wish that was clear on either their or Rail Simulator's website. I will keep my RailDriver now and stop bad mouthing it.

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    Calm down before you blow your PC, read some of following links. It may provide some helpful hints to get you going again.

    Update Edited; I'm glad you finally got it working now. I will keep this here and sticky this one for future member who might have similar problems.
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    Default Thanks

    Thank you for your specific question now that I got it to work. Why is the wiper rotary switch backwards. In other words, after calibration, the wiper switch is still working makes them go on.

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    It depends on the position the switch is in when you fire it up - when I want to have a driving session, I make sure the RD unit is all set with everything in off/neutral position before starting the program. Otherwise if the wiper position is in the centre when you start up, toggling the switch to 'off' will make the wipers come on...same with the light switch.

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    Default Raildriver with Rail Simulator

    OK, thanks. Sorry to be so high maintenance, but I have one last that I have the controls and wiper switch working, I can't seem to get the buttons to work. When I open RailDriver, it shows that the buttons are programmed for the right functions, but when I start up Rail Simulator, the buttons don't do anything. I'm referring to the blue buttons at the front of the RailDriver box.

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    No problem. First of all, are you double-clicking the desktop icon to fire up Raildriver before you start Rail Simulator?

    Then. if so, did you assign the keys? You can do this by clicking on the tray icon (once you have double-clicked the desktop icon, that is) and selecting "Rail Driver". This should then bring up a schematic and then assigning the blue keys is pretty intuitive.

    Come back if you're still having problems.

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    Default Rail Driver with Rail Simulator

    I did do what you suggest....that is, I opened RD before starting RS and I assigned keys. For example, I assigned the up and down blue arrow button to the up and down keys on the keyboard. And I assigned the 4-way blue arrow button to match control-up,down,left,right buttons on the keyboard. Nothing happens when I press those buttons during RS. To assign keys, I double clicked on the desired RD button on the screen, then I pressed the keys that I wanted to assign on the keyboard.

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    Which version of the Raildriver software are you using? Also, are you using 'expert controls' in RS and not simple or intermediate?

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    just downloaded the driver from RD 2 days ago. Yes it is set on expert.

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