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Thread: A question for the experienced.

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    Default A question for the experienced.

    When you are putting logos on the trains/cars that you are repainting, do you copy and paste an image from the web? Or draw it in?

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    Not being an expert, I find them on the internet. Try or Google for i.e. BNSF logo. Most of the time you get good results.


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    Yea, you are better off using pictures off the internet, due to it is usually from a real picture, or its a print, so the quality is better then if you were to try and draw it in (DEPENDING ON RESOLUTION). I would suggest copy and paste if you have small space to work with for the logo, mainly because you can resize a nice image smaller, and it will still look good from a distance, or inhanced on the model. You can choose to draw it in when you have a larger portion of the texture to work with, however, copy and paste here would be faster, and JUST AS EFFECTIVE.
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