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Thread: Need help in creating a new route: Illinois Rail

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    Default Need help in creating a new route: Illinois Rail

    We need help in creating that route! It is a modified version of Garber's Ohio Rail and will feature UP trackage to Janesville and Kenosha, BNSF trackage to Rockford, CSX trackage to Benton Harbor and NS trackage to Niles. States included are Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. Ohio Rail features two railroads centering around an industrial city named Marietta. Well, the route has four railroads centering around Chicago, a renamed Marietta. Here's a map. And the stray tracks in all cities are there because they are railfan spots.

    It has high speed Amtrak passenger service, Metra commuter service and an unending number of hotshot, wayfreights, and heavy manifests of UP, BNSF, NS and CSX. A good mix for all!

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    Question Where is it?

    Two day ago you posted:

    >>>"Coming Soon. A new route showcasing the entire Sketchup Transit rail system (Not Commuter) It will include the Red Line Subway from Union to North S.T., the Blue Line LRT from 7th and Flower to downtown Google, the Green Line LRT . .ect. ect. ect. . . "<<<

    As an avid user of Google SU I am interested in downloading it. You did say "Coming Soon" so where can it be downloaded?
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    Wow, looking at the shape of the map, it does look like Ohio Rails. Is this prototypical? I wasn't aware BNSF had trackage to Rockford? From where? I know CN and UP have trackage to Rockford from their Chicago area subs.

    Anyway, if you get it off the ground, and to fruition, I surly would like to run it.


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