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    Just got RD a couple days ago. It works fine so far, but I'm finding it extremely difficult to use the braking. The train brake seems to not be very accurate. If I want to make a minimum brake appliction, I start applying the brake very slowly with nothing happening. So after 3 or 4 seconds, I give it another slight move up. Before I know it the self lap is at 15%. And after using it for about 15-20 minutes, the train brake starts going back and fourth between the Released and the last state I had it in. Any help?

    Now the the train brake isn't working at all. It will release but won't apply MSTS FPS is fine (at least 20 instide the cab or out)
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    Default What you need to do

    Ok ive had this happen many times so all you have to do is redo the calabration precces trust me it works. Hope i was help


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    Also go into options and reset the keyboard to me I did not think that would fix my problem but it did. Do that and recallabrate and it should work.

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