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Thread: Help: Entry into Rail Sims and where to go?

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    Default Help: Entry into Rail Sims and where to go?

    I'm trying to get into this, but it seems like there are lots of options and it's getting a little confusing.

    Here's what I"m looking to get....

    I'm not as interested in "driving" a train myself, but more interested in the creation of routes, freight storage yards and setting up AI trains to follow schedules.

    I work in logistics and am would like to recreate rail shipments from storage yards, including building the outbound trains/management of switching the facilities, and then out to "customers".

    Anyways, where should I be looking?

    I've done some playing around in Rail3D. It's simple and easy to use but crashes and obviously the graphics aren't top notch.

    I bought Rail Simulator, but it seems pretty clunky to use and at first glance seemed more geared towards the driver, not creator etc.

    Sounds like Trainz may be worth looking at, but there are so many versions. I can't find out what Trainz Classic (3) is compared to the other versions, like Trainz 2009.

    I'd appreciate any informative posts comparing the differences of some of these. Thanks,

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    I have MS Train Sim, Auran Train 2004, and Kuju Rail Sim, so here are my 2 cents about each of them:

    MS Train Simulator

    The game I like most. It has by now the most advanced, realistic driving physics, so for simulating the actual running of trains I'd say this old game is still the first choice - in spite of its heavily outdated graphics engine.

    For creating content, it might be a bit different. If you are into building routes, it has powerful but difficult to handle editor. It is possible to create very prototypical routes, but it takes a very long time (months up to years!)

    As to the creation of "activities" (scenarios), the editor is pretty okay to use, after a while to get into it. However, the possibilities of instructions you can set up are pretty much limited to running from point A to B, stopping at points in between, and picking up/ setting out cars. You are restricted to running basically the same engines, although the MSTS-Bin patch offers some workarounds in this field. The handling of cargo is not implemented.

    Trainz 2004

    I did not play this game very much. The whole thing seems to be much more oriented on simulating the railroad and not so much the one train only. You are able to load and unload cars, in later version if I remember correctly also to simulate the entire rail operations of some industries, jumping from train to train to do so. Maybe other users can add more info here.

    I never tried the route editor.

    Kuju Rail Simulator

    If you would like to build your own routes, this game's editor is much (much!) easier to handle than the one of MS's Train Sim. After the Mk2 patch has been released, the game has now also become much more playable, it seems physics are okay, but not on the same level than those of MS Train Sim yet.

    This game has a quite open programming structure, so you can add and edit many of its elements, including the loading and unloading of cargo.

    It also comes with a scenario editor, which is fully integrated into the main application and basically lets you design and modify and routes and scenarios "on the fly", without the need to launch any external applications.

    North American content is still a bit sparse, but if you're into British railroading you can find plenty of rolling stock and routes on UKTrainsim.

    Hope some of this helps.
    Please keep in mind though, that all this is just my personal opinion.


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    I actually have a differing view from michael but he is still a great guy. after using MSTS from day one until a computer explosion a few years back, & currently running Rail Simulator, Never tried Trainz.

    The MSTS route editor is extremely hard to work with & unfriendly "started & gave up on many routes" & also i never could get the ai to work correctly. But it does contain great physics & from a modelers standpoint the importing of 3d objects & the editing of files is extremely easy.

    As for RS The route & senario editor are extremely easy to work with & both can be done on the fly. Tracks were being laid within a week. I myself run freeroam senarios only but the ai can be set up using time which makes it nice because you can set up departures & meets according to timed schedules while doing whatever you want switching wise. Also the interactive objects, turntable,transfer table, various loaders make it fun. But from a 3d modeler standpoint importing objects & getting them to work correctly can be a pain in the ***

    michael gilmore

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    So does anyone know the diffrence between trainz classic and the new release, 2009?

    Seems like a large support for RS here, but I don't see very many guides etc o nsetting stuff up. ON the routes forums and stuff, it's primarily people showing off their work, and I want to see how to make that stuff.

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    RSDL has video tutorials on the rail simulator website which covers all aspects of building routes & creating senarios using ai

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