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Thread: Broken Coupler on ATSF 2-10-2

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    Default Broken Coupler on ATSF 2-10-2

    When I try double-heading with the Santa Fe 2-10-2 (, the coupler between engines breaks. I don't think it's a BIN problem, but I'm not terribly sure; this usually happens climbing uphill (this instance on Cajon Pass), and I've attached a screen taken shortly after the break; has anyone experienced problems like this before with this engine, and how can I fix it? Thanks,
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    In the .wag of the tender, find these lines in the automatic coupler section:
    Damping ( 1e6N/m 1e6N/m)
    Break ( 5.2e6N 5.2e6N )
    paste over those with:
    Damping ( 1.5e6N/m/s 3.5e6N/m/s )
    Break ( 5.4e7N 5.4e7N )
    That should fix your problem on the tender to train coupling.

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