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Thread: Volume 2 video now on youtube

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    Default Volume 2 video now on youtube

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    lol................ how can tml come out wit wos berlin and havent fixed wos vol#1 im so pissed i cant see any above ground missions more less 1 out of five missions on expansion pack work the only one that do works is the mission wit faulty brakes i live in NYC u should of made NYCTA sim wit all lines or some and make expansion pack other lines i paid my hard earn money and got crappy program trainzrailwayz is good but not like this sim i dont even want to here that my system aint up to par i got latest drivers and ect. so wat can tml do to fix these bugs?? until then i will not buy any moreTML products until i see some sort of patch or better download i see 1thing u do have right is..........getting the money to funnel in correct

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    Amen brother!!!!

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    Better yet, the PA-5's in WOS1 would be nice too
    F. Strong-Baker

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