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Thread: 0-6-0 Dependency Problems in TS2009

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    Exclamation 0-6-0 Dependency Problems in TS2009

    I don't know if any of you other guys have had some problems with Bill's 0-6-0 switcher on the Auran DLS, but
    over the past few months I've been trying to locate ALL of the dependencies for this small locomotive. I
    downloaded AltoDave's UP 0-6-0, which is a more recent version, but the locomotive doesn't have any drivers!
    Just the boiler, cab, front, back and sides, but no drivers! The other 0-6-0s by Cincy don't show up at all, and
    neither does Bill's. Can someone help me with this?

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    "Can someone help me with this?"


    Go here:

    Post #2 provides a link to all the dependencies for the UP version of the locomotive. Once you have this one it's quite easy to get the rest up and running

    It certainly does work in TRS2004.

    I've not tried this loco in TRS2009 yet. I suspect the sound might not synchronize correctly. When I have a few hours spare time I might see if I can do some work on it - it might be just a case of using a few TC3 files.

    Tell me if this helps and if it does work in '09.


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